Brasil 08-2012

We had 3 fantastic days in Rio, and then a flight to Manaus, slept 10 nights in hammocks on the riverboat Chorrea Fihlos going to Itacatiara – Osario Fonseca – Cacoao – Bragensa – Fortalesa – Cayowe and back to Itacartiara and Manaus on the rivers Amazon, Paraconi, Oraria, Arari and Rio Negro. A real adventure, with the contrasts from city Rio to the river Paraconi, meeting the indians and learn about their life in the deep jungle, fishing – and eating pirañas, and swimming with river dolphins!  I will never forget the black non-light-poluted night sky with the big bright stars, and the high jungle sound from the monkeys, frogs and birds – and the big cat  … while sitting in a little tree-canoe on a lagoon …

10 days on "Chorrea Fihlos"







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